RWJ Marketing is Truly Your Retirement Plan

This is an explanation of RWJ Marketing Team Build and The Power behind it. The reason for this detailed explanation is to make people understand, how RWJ Marketing team build works and how Powerful it is.

RWJ Marketing are the vehicle, that will explode your income with the Summt77 business opportunity. RWJ Marketing does not payout anything to members. All money collected by RWJ Marketing is 100% used to pay people into the Summit77 business opportunity!

After reading this explanation you will see why the slogan is "Your $2 Miracle". This is truly your retirement plan! RWJ Marketing are not just another team build. We are the Best and the results are speaking for themselves!

How RWJ Marketing Works

When you become a member of RWJ Marketing and create your $2 weekly subscription, you are buying a position into Matrix 1. You are then place at the bottom of the waiting list, as people at the top of the list get sponsored into Summit77, they are removed and moved to the paid members list.

New members joining are place below you in the waiting list, moving you up toward the top of the list. When you reach the top of the list, you will be sponsored by a member to join Summit77 directly under them, and have your membership paid by RWJ Marketing.

NOTE - You are buying a new position into Matrix 1 every week when your subscription renews! I will explain further below how very powerful this is for you.

Get 208 Paid Signups per Year

Every position you own in the Matrices here, will all mature by moving up thru all 6 Matrices.
  • When any of your positions cycle matrix 4, you will sponsor 2 members into your summit77 business. 
  • When any of your positions cycle matrix 6, you will sponsor 2 more members into your Summit77 business!
It Means for $2 you have received 4 Paid Signups. YES 4 signups into your Summit77 business. And the best part is RWJ Marketing paid their way in on your behalf. But it does not stop there. Remember You are buying a New Position into Matrix 1 every week!

Let's just do a little math and sit down for this. Assuming your $2 Subscription remain active, and trust me you do not want to let it go inactive, because I guarantee you will regret it later on.

Here's the math. After 4 weeks, you will have purchase 4 positions into matrix 1. This equals $8 right. This also equals 4 x 4 = 16 signups into your Summit77 business, when they have all matured and cycled matrix 4 and matrix 6. No, it is not a mistake! Yes, 16 SIGNUPS PAID INTO YOUR SUMMIT77 BUSINESS by RWJ MARKETING!

Assuming your subscription remains active for one full years, You will have paid a total of $104 and purchased 52 positions into matrix 1. This equals to 52 x 4 = 208 signups into your Summit77 business when they have all mature and cycled matrix 4 and matrix 6. Yes, 208 SIGNUPS PAID INTO YOUR SUMMIT77 BUSINESS by RWJ MARKETING!

UNDERSTAND, this is a long term retirement plan. I have people ask me this question all the time, Will I cycle my position all the way to matrix 6 in a week? NO, it will not cycle all the way to matrix 6 in a week!

AGAIN, this is a long term retirement plan, and not a get rich quick scheme! Get rich scheme are simply HYPES! You will never become financially free by bouncing from one program to another, hoping for that magic program to come one day. Trust me it will never come!

Think of every position you purchase as planting a seed. That seed won't mature right away correct? But eventually it will. The same for every position you own into the matrices, one day they will mature all the way to matrix 4 and 6 and cycle!

Make Money Way with RWJ Marketing

Now I am not saying you won't make any money before 200 positions cycles matrix 4 and 6. You will make money way before that. Think of it this way. For every 2 signups you receive, you are one step closer to financial freedom.

The above example will have you in the 7 figure Income Bracket. And YES it is reachable if you have patience and the real desire to become financially free!

What I have shown you so far is powerful by itself, and now I will make you understand why this Team Build is already becoming a POWER HOUSE for building peoples downline into the Summit77 business opportunity.

Let's take the example above. OK we have already establish above by you keeping your subscription active for one years, would produce 208 signups into your Summit77 business over time! Are you ready for this? Those 208 signups of yours are going thru the same process as you!

208 personal signups after they would have received their 208 signups, would equal to 43,264 members in your downline with Summit77. STOP and think about it for a few minutes! I won't even go any further then that! You can keep doing the math.

Make Money Online  with RWJ Marketing

I will say it again, this won't happen in a month or a year. But it will happen if you stick to it! The choice is yours. Keep bouncing around program to program, team to team and remain in the 95% of people trying to make money online that will never make any life changing income, or OPEN your eyes and see what we have here! Get involve in the team social site! Register today and come see what we are all about -

Can we sustain our self forever? YES, we do not have any free re entries into any of our matrices. This means there will always be money coming in, to be able to sustain our self for ever no matter how big we get!

Hopefully this gives you a good understanding of how we operate and how Powerful we are. To Your success with RWJ Marketing.


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